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Revised 1/17/2013 - (schedule subject to change)

FASLTA Conference


 12:00pm Vendors set up
   4:00pm Registration opens
   7:00pm Project Proficere panel (FLDOE Race To The Top project) (Craig Leavitt, Barbara Chaves, Shawn Olmstead & panel group)
Panel discussion of what this is and what it will mean for all foreign language teachers, with specific focus on American Sign Language.

   8:00pm Show & Tell (Barbara Chaves) bring an activity you use in your classroom
             and demonstrate how to use it. Go home with other people's ideas!


Breakfast at the hotel (included in room rate for hotel guests)

  7:00am Registration continues
  8:00am Welcome (housekeeping & vendor recognition, raffle)
  8:15am Keynote: Sharon Lott, ASLTA Professional Development Coordinator
  8:45am    break - visit the vendors
  9:00am Getting a Grip on Fingerspelling (Sharon Lott) 3 hrs with breaks
Teachers know that students often face barriers when trying to process fingerspelling and interpreting students also face barriers when their voice interpretation must include concepts that were originally fingerspelled in the source language.  Fingerspelling is generally thought to have the same twenty-six letters of the English alphabet in manual form; this is not necessarily the case.  Research has shown that there are upwards of ninety different fingerspelled letters/handshapes.  This is possible due to sign assimilation among other elements including fluency, economy of motion, and rhythm of fingerspelled words.  Such elements will be discussed and explained, and participants will have time allotted for application of the information and skills taught during this training.  We, ASL instructors, need to teach informal fingerspelled words into shapes.

12:00pm FASLTA Lunch & Business Meeting & Election of officers (lunch provided!)

  2:00pm Effective Techniques to Teach ASL Receptive Literature to Novice,
           intermediate, and Advanced students (Jason Zinza) 3 hrs with breaks
This workshop focuses on effective techniques to teach ASL receptive literature to novice, intermediate, and advanced students. Discussion of the ASL literary canon and the characteristics of various genres will be followed by three in-depth treatments of different ASL literary pieces.  Each treatment will highlight how to introduce the piece, how to develop active learning opportunities, and how to assess student learning.

  5:00pm Dinner on your own

  7:00pm Doors open for performance ($5 for non-conference attendees)
  7:30pm SMI Presents: Robert Rivera - Storyteller

  9:00pm Social - Refreshments provided -- meet other teachers,
                do more "show & tell" - hang out!


Breakfast at the hotel (included in room rate for hotel guests)

  8:00am Developing an ASL Curriculum that Works (Craig Leavitt)
This presentation will address aligning ASL curricula to the NGSSS; the item bank currently under development which may be used by districts to evaluate teachers; and best practice lesson design in relationship to teacher evaluation.

  9:10am Flip It! - How to Make Sure Your Flipped Classroom Doesn't Flop
              (Alysse Rasmussen)
Flipping may be the latest buzz word in delivering content to learners, but proceeding blindly, without a safety net could end up looking a whole lot more like a belly flop. This workshop is designed to bring educators together to brainstorm which lectures can be “flipped” to “homework” and what classroom activities are best suited to engaging learners. Additionally, the group will discuss issues that are likely to arise, i.e. “compliance” (getting learners to “buy in” to the flipped classroom); fostering peer-tutoring; how to integrate National Standards for ASL; how to leave English behind; and how to ensure measurable and authentic assessment.  Format:  Small Group Discussion & Demonstrations; Benefits: participants will leave with ideas they can use to “flip” their own classrooms.

10:20am Florida ASL Classes and Online Resources (Shasta Grimes)
This presentation will discuss new ASL courses being developed and offered in the state. We will go over resources available online and discuss online technology available for use in the classroom, online or for future hybrid courses. 

11:30am Professional Preparation: Florida's Leadership Role in Teaching ASL
                (Glenna Ashton & Alysse Rasmussen)
Briefly reviews the history of ASL training, with particular emphasis on Florida’s privileged position as a leader in the field. Discusses where formal degree programs are available, the need for more degree programs, the implications developing teacher training programs for both foreign language and ITP/IPP programs, the influence of state certifications, and opens a dialogue between presenters and attendees as to why training is important and what a call for action can do to improve the abilities of ASL instructors from all educational levels.

12:30pm Wrap-up and ASLTA Clock Hours / RID CEUs

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