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FASLTA History...

Date of chapter's inception?

The date of our chapter's inception was at an organizational meeting
on November 19, 1988. The chapter was officially recognized at the 1992 NAD-ASLTA Convention in Denver, Colorado as per letter from
Keith Cagle dated August 17, 1992.

Original and present names of your local ASLTA chapter?

From 1988-1993, the chapter's name was FSIGN, from 1993-present
the name is FASLTA.

Past Officers... (click for listing)

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People who started community activities...

Mike Tuccelli - FSDB, St. Augustine - several years of presenting workshops and Total Immersion Weekends for ASL students (still ongoing 2014!!)

Mike Ernest - Hillsborough Community College - several years of presenting speakers and events such as Poetry by Clayton Valli

Betti Bonni, Babs Coulston, Kim Marie Smith - H.O.T. Institute - training sessions for ASL students

Mary Bramblett - First Annual State DeaFest held April 12-13, 1996 in Tampa with Lynn Jacobowitz as emcee, comedian, and presenter (no snowstorms this time!)

Glenna Ashton - six years directing the annual trip to FSDB - H.S. Dept. for ASL/Deaf students from 3 high schools in Palm Beach County.

USF (University of South Florida, Tampa) Educational Interpreter Club sponsored an ASL Immersion Weekend for High School ASL and Deaf Students since 1998.

Glenna Ashton - presented at the FFLA (Florida Foreign Language Association) October 15 and networked gaining support of FFLA for ASL.

Cheryl Zuckerman & Glenna Ashton - began monthly "Silent Social" at local mall food court; encourage ASL students to practice their
signing and receptive skills.

Cheryl Zuckerman - 2005 began county-wide programs and inservice opportunities for ASL teachers; wrote curriculum and county exams, mentoring new ASL teachers.

FASLTA (Glenna Ashton and Alysse Rasmussen's initial efforts), 2005 invited to join the board of FFLA (Florida Foreign Language Association) as ASL is now officially recognized as a "foreign language" by the
Florida state legislature.


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