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FASLTA held an extremely productive Leadership Training -- free to all current members -- on October 4th, 2014 in Orlando.  .

This year (2014-2015) will be very exciting.

There will be 3 regional workshops, scheduled for the fall and spring.

Our 2015 Annual Conference will be a Mega-Conference with FAD, FRID, and FDBA in October near Orlando.

Come back soon for more details.

Looking For More Professional Development Opportunities?

October 9-12, 2014, "Dawn of a New Decade" FRID 2014 Biennial Conference, Orlando, FL

October 16-19, 2014, "Dare to use World Languages Beyond the Classroom" FFLA 2014 Conference, Miami, FL

October 29 - November 1, 2014, "Our Roots: The Essence of our Future" CIT Biennial Conference, Portland, OR

June 25-28, 2015, "35th World's Largest Silent Weekend", Orlando, FL

June -23-28, 2015, "Reflect - Celebrate - Dream", ASLTA Biennial Conference, Twin Cities (Minneapolis / St Paul), MN

Our 2014 Annual Conference was held
Feb. 14-15, 2014 in Orlando, FL

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Who are we?...

American Sign Language teachers from all over the state of Florida. We teach in Universities, colleges, high schools, Deaf schools, hearing schools, and community education programs.

Our Mission...

FASLTA news...

FASLTA welcomes the opportunity to help any members who want to set up regional workshops throughout the year. Please use the CONTACT US link.

Upcoming Conferences:

Certification for ASL Teachers in Florida...

Florida Department of Education and the Task Force established by the state Legislature have established criteria for all K-12 teachers of ASL in Florida.  Teachers will need either ASLTA National Certification, or completion of a set of 6 specified college courses by July 1, 2009, in order to continue teaching ASL in K-12 schools. There is no "grandfather" provision for existing ASL teachers.

     Helpful note: ASLTA certification is done in 3 steps - Provisional, Qualified, Professional. The Professional level requires an in-person interview with ASLTA evaluators. ASLTA evaluations are generally done every two years during the ASLTA Professional Development Conference, and may be available more often via a local ASLTA Chapter.

UPDATE regarding use of the HOUSSE PLAN for ASL (2012)
HOUSSE is no longer an option for new ASL teachers to certify "highly qualified" status. It was accepted in 2009-2011. If you already HAVE the HOUSSE plan, you're "grandfathered in", but new teachers only have 2 options: ASLTA Professional certification, or FL DOE Endorsement (see info above).

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