"Empowering ASL in the Community"

Feb. 14-16



ASL --The FASLTA conference is an ASL-only environment.  Please remember to maintain this expectation to optimize your immersive experience.


Food – Appetizers will be available Friday evening. Lunch will be provided on Saturday as well as Sunday. Coffee and assorted teas will be provided on Saturday and Sunday mornings.


Etiquette—Please show respect for our hosting facility, UNF, at all times. Pick up after yourself when you leave workshop locations. Be aware that some classes are still in session during the conference on the UNF campus.


CEUs--Please refer to your program book at the bottom of the Schedule page for the CEU web link.  You may also access this information on the FASLTA website in the Conference 2020 section drop down menu.  You will be required to report your attendance to each workshop and complete evaluations.  You may complete these on a computer or cell phone. Make note of the due date.


Board Vacancies--For information about nominating an FASLTA member for an available Board position for 2020-2022, please contact Rey Vega at fasltasouth@gmail.com as soon as possible. 



  • Parking enforcement ends Monday – Friday, 5pm and weekends.

  • For those arriving early for registration, Friday, Feb. 14.

  • UNF has a new electronic parking system. 

  • The FASLTA Conference is located in the Tom & Betty Petway Hall, Building 57 (see map here) the red line shows the main entrance into UNF from the Town Center (the I295 entrance), so you’ll follow that, circle around to the Arena Parking Garage 38, please park on the 2nd floor or higher (please do not park in any orange spaces, blue are ok) enter your license plate number at the kiosk on the first floor of the garage, and walk around the Boathouse Lake to Building 57.           

  • Take note (or take a picture) of your vehicle license plate to enter at the kiosk.

  • At Kiosk, press 1 for Pay by Plate Parking.Enter License Plate Number and follow on-screen prompts to purchase permit for $5.00.  Kiosk will print receipt of purchase – this does not need to be placed near vehicle window.

  • Note:

  • The State of Florida does not use the letter O, only number zeros.

  • For parking: Locations and kiosks can be found on campus map.

  • Please park your vehicle nose in to refrain from receiving a citation.

What should I expect from this conference?

  • FASLTA 2020 Conference strives to provide a diverse set of workshops that deepen your understanding of the powerful impact that ASL teaching has on the community and how you can Empower ASL in the Community through your teaching. This conference serves to empower teachers and ASL professionals to be leaders in their field and inspire future generations to respect ASL and the Deaf community for years to come. Leave with renewed energy, innovative ideas, and new professional connections! 

  • With this year’s conference theme being "Empowering ASL in the Community", let’s embrace an ASL-immersive atmosphere while interacting this weekend.

What should I bring?

  • The most important thing to bring to the FASLTA conference is an open mind and a positive attitude. In addition, you may find the following tips helpful in being prepared to attend the conference;

  • The conference location is typically kept at a cool temperature. If you are cold natured, it may be beneficial to bring a light jacket maintain comfortability.

  • There will be a multitude of leaning opportunities provided at the conference. With this in mind, bring what you feel is necessary to take efficient notes.

  • If lunch in not included in your registration (UNF student attendees) have a plan in place for lunch on Saturday and Sunday.

  • All student attendees must bring a valid school ID in order to check-in at conference.

Is lunch included in the registration cost?

  • General Registration: Includes Fri, Sat., Sun. workshops; lunch Sat. & Sun. 

  • Sunday TWA Rate: Includes TRUE+WAY ASL workshops all day Sunday; lunch Sun.

  • Student Rate:  Includes Fri, Sat., Sun. workshops; lunch Sat. & Sun.

  • UNF Student Rate:  Includes Fri, Sat., Sun. workshops; does NOT include lunch. 

I am a student attending the conference, is there anything I should know?

All students must show present a valid student ID card upon signing in at the conference. This is not to be considered a "Deaf Event" for a class assignment, but for professional development and networking. Student attendees are expected to uphold professionalism and appropriate cultural etiquette during the conference at all times.

*If you are a UNF student, lunch is not included with your registration be sure to prepare adequately.

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